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Being drunk is not consent

It’s in the Delivery: How College Sexual Assault Prevention Workshops are Getting the Message Wrong

This fall, millions of students across the United States are entering their first year of college. As a part of new student orientation, many of them will participate in workshops to help them adapt to college life that might include a session on sexual assault prevention.

Leading Through Disaster: After Malawi Floods, Youth Advocates Step In to Prevent Human Rights Abuses

In January 2015, Malawi was hit by deadly floods that claimed more than 1,000 lives. As one of the counselors in the Tithandizane (meaning “let’s support each other”) National Child Helpline in Malawi, I supported abused children who walked into the center or called its toll free line.

Social Media Bullying

New Netflix Documentary Looks at High School Sexual Assaults in America

Girlhood is unique for each generation. Today, societal pressures are amplified by social media and smartphones increasing connectedness with peers after school hours.

Why We Need To Challenge Traditional Ideas of Masculinity Now: A Young Man’s Perspective

In many societies and cultures, men and boys are taught from an early age that showing emotions is a “sign of weakness.” Statements such as “real men don’t cry” or “stop acting like a girl” teach boys they should not express their emotions and reinforces the idea that they should be “strong,” while girls are “weak.”

5 Things You Can Do to End Sexual Exploitation of Women and Girls in the Media

During the UN Women’s Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), Together for Girls had the opportunity to collaborate on a CSW panel with the International Council of Jewish Women, U.S. Fund For UNICEF titled “Protect Our Girls: Sexualization, Exploitation, and the Media.”

Survivors Find New Ways to Reclaim their Narratives in the Media While Maintaining Anonymity

Survivors Find New Ways to Reclaim their Narratives in the Media While Maintaining Anonymity

“I say this in front of you all that her name was Jyoti Singh.”

Last December, Asha Singh named her daughter as the Delhi rape victim who had since been known as “Nirbhaya” or “One Without Fear.”